The HSUS Alpha Machine

Technology Innovation

HSUS has invested millions of dollars into infrastructure, machinery, equipment, technology, and people and stands ready to serve our country to keep Americans safe in current and future emergencies.

Updating legacy production techniques

By leveraging strategic partnerships with key industry innovators, HSUS procured the cutting and seam welding equipment necessary to successfully retrofit nine(9) factories across the country, enabling them to produce and deliver millions of 100% American-made gowns to replenish the Strategic National Stockpile.

Welding Fabric

Since our inception, HSUS has doubled down on our belief that no one makes products like Americans do. We stand by our commitment to provide safe, high-quality, USA-made product and remain focused on developing business strategies to streamline domestic manufacturing.

The Alpha Machine

The V-Shapes Alpha machine represents a quantum leap in packaging technology, producing portable, eco-friendly, leak-proof, and fully customizable single-serve packets perfect for delivering a broad range of consumer products.

Health Supply US is the premier partner for V-Shapes, a patented single-use delivery solution for hand sanitizers, cosmetics, lotions, essential oils, condiments, and other products. HSUS will soon announce the launch of a promotional products division to market this versatile product to distributors.

HSUS is thrilled to lead the next generation of packaging technology. V-Shapes is the world’s most hygienic package. This intelligent design is the latest move by HSUS to show our continued commitment to American manufacturing and innovation.

Christopher Garcia,President & CEO, Health Supply US

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