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Health Supply US is transforming the pipeline for America’s health care facilities and first responder networks, as well as Federal, State and, Local Governments. We identify, source, and deliver essential safety and medical supplies to frontline workers and those who need it most. Our team—from support to procurement to delivery—is on a mission to supply the best available products to those who risk it all to keep America healthy and safe.

With over 200 combined years of experience, we are a seasoned team of supply chain and manufacturing experts seeking to protect the heroes in the healthcare industry. We are a Minority-Owned Enterprise, a Small Business Enterprise, and a pending Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone) Enterprise.


Christopher Garcia, CEO

Christopher Garcia

President & CEO

Christopher Garcia draws from his experience in domestic manufacturing, lean startups, and global sourcing, in order to make long-term investments that achieve self-sufficiency and reduce America’s dependence on imports. HSUS works towards the goal of ramping up PPE production in the United States—while providing good jobs for Americans. Prior to Health Supply, Mr. Garcia served as acting director of the Minority Business Development Agency, where he led the only agency dedicated to increasing the growth of minority-owned businesses through the mobilization and advancement of public and private sector programs, policy, and research.

KC Pelle, CSCO

KC Pelle

Chief Supply Chain Officer

KC Pelle brings over 25 years of industry experience to Health Supply US. He previously managed and purchased close to $1 billion in annual spend for several multi-national companies. He served as Chairman for America’s largest forwarding, customs, third-party logistics, warehousing and trucking trade associations. Internationally, KC served as elected ambassador for North, Central and South America to the WTO, WCO, ICC, International Road Transport (IRU) and the UN.

Kirk Domanick, VP of Sales

Kirk Domanick

Vice President of Sales

Kirk Domanick is the Vice President of Sales at Health Supply US and brings over 20 years of proven sales director experience on top of an acumen for leading companies ranging from small business/startups to international corporations. His wealth of hands-on experience in motivating and inspiring salespeople is evident in his various teams' rapid growth and results. Kirk prides himself in getting in the trenches with the reps and building a bond that makes teams successful.

Update COVID-19 Response

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen many Americans coming forward to help solve the personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing shortage. Health Supply US decided to bring together our unique access to resources and supply chain expertise to further contribute to the momentum. Our factory partners have risen to the challenge to manufacture critical personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers on the front line.

Why we care

Our company has first-hand experience of the challenges and incongruencies in the medical field through our communal background in law enforcement, healthcare, and first responders. When the opportunity arose to effect change and make a difference in the supply chain, we thought about how we could streamline our expansive network to deliver quality products like personal protective equipment (PPE) in a more timely, reliable manner. Our unique perspective and our commitment to serving others make us highly qualified to deliver these critical supplies to where they are needed most. We strive every day to earn the trust and exceed expectations with our customers. Above all else, we care about the health, safety, and well-being of every healthcare professional and first responder working tirelessly to keep our country safe and healthy.

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