3-Ply Protective Mask

3-Ply Protective Mask

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Disposable Type II Mask

Three-ply filter for protection:

1st ply waterproof

2nd ply filter

3rd ply soft nonwoven fabric 

Flexible ear loop -or- tie back design

Ultrasonic welding

Metal nose clip for proper face fitting


Made of hypoallergenic fibers

50 units/box

40 boxes/case

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, manufacturer may vary depending on availability. Please speak with your sales representative for further information about manufacturer, minimum orders, and delivery times.

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I am a hospital or government agency with an immediate need for a large order of PPE. How do I get in touch with Health Supply US?

Health Supply US's biggest clients are hospitals and government institutions. Please contact us immediately by filling out our contact form.and we will call you immediately. We can fill large orders within a rapid turnaround time, which is why many of our customers make us a preferred vendor.

How long does it take for me to receive my product?

We offer standard and expedited delivery options. Delivery time is based on volume and inventory / production capacity. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals, first responders, and government accounts are our priority. We also supply schools, airlines, and corporate accounts, For volume or recurring orders please fill out ourcontact form and we will call you immediately.

I need to order PPE for my small business or family. Is that okay?

Yes! Our priority is to supply hospitals, first responders, and government accounts, and while we do have certain minimum order quantities, we fulfill orders daily for small medical offices, small businesses, schools, churches, and everyday Americans who cannot source quality PPE elsewhere..

How do I get in contact with someone about my recent purchase?

Please contact us by filling out our contact form or by emailing us at orders@healthsupplyus.com

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